Patrick Hennessy

Selected Exhibitions

Throughout his career Patrick Hennessy continuously exhibited and sold his work in Ireland, UK  and the USA. His paintings were shown at Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin Painters, also at Oireachtas, Victor Waddington Gallery, Dublin Painters Group Shows, Royal Academy in London, Ritchie Hendriks Gallery, Belfast Museum and Art Gallery, Municipal Gallery Dublin. Presented here is a selection of Hennessy’s solo exhibitions and his most acclaimed international exhibitions.

Self Portrait and Cat, 1978 Crawford Art Gallery, Cork

Self Portrait and Cat, 1978
Crawford Art Gallery, Cork

  • 1939 December, the first Exhibition in Ireland at the Country Shop, St. Stephen’s Green, introduced by Miss Mainie Jellett. Paintings included 5 Portraits: “Liv and Bertold” lent by Dr. Eduard Hempel, the German Minister, also “Madame Jammet” wife of the owner of Dublin’s finest restaurant, and “Orlando” and “Dorothy”. It included landscapes, interiors and seascapes and a self-portrait.
  • 1943 Solo exhibition, 21 paintings, at Dublin Painters, 7 St. Stephen’s Green.
  • 1944 Solo exhibition, 20 paintings, at Dublin Painters.
  • 1956 Exhibition at Thos. Agnew & Sons Ltd., 43 Old Bond St., London W1X 4BA.  Paintings from 10 October to 3 November, 38 in total including portraits of Elizabeth Bowen, Lady Ursula Vernon, Caroline Jobling-Purser, Mrs. Charles Hambro and “The Guardians of Notre Dame” (R.H.A.)
  • 1963 Exhibition, Ritchie Hendriks Gallery, 28 October – 26 November, 21 paintings
  • 1964 Exhibition, Ritchie Hendriks Gallery, 5 November – 4 December, 23 paintings
  • 1965 Exhibition, Ritchie Hendriks Gallery, 5 November to 20 November, 21 paintings
  • 1966 Exhibition, Ritchie Hendriks Gallery, 12 November – 3 December, 24 paintingsalso, Hennessy’s first Exhibition at Guildhall Gallery, 406S Michigan Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois.
  • 1967 Exhibition, Ritchie Hendriks Gallery, 18 October – 4 November, 22 paintings
  • 1968 Exhibition, Ritchie Hendriks Gallery, 1 to 26 November, 22 paintings
  • 1969 Exhibition, David Hendriks Gallery, 6 to 24 November, 18 paintings.  Mention of show in America, 10 March.  Dispatched 14 paintings to Chicago.
  • 1972 Exhibition, David Hendriks Gallery, 9 November – 2 December, 25 paintings.
  • 1974 Joint exhibition, H. Robertson Craig R.H.A. and Patrick Hennessy R.H.A. presented by David Hendriks at the Cork Arts Society Gallery, Lavitts Quay, Cork, to 13 April.  H.R.Craig – 20 paintings, P. Hennessy – 13 paintings.
  • 1975 Exhibition, 10 year retrospective, Guildhall Gallery, Chicago.