Gerda Frömel

Interlocking forms, c.1970. Limestone. Private Collection.

Interlocking forms, c.1970. Limestone. Private Collection.

Irish Times – Was sculptor Gerda Frömel too subtle for success?
By Aidan Dunne

It could be said that IMMA’s Gerda Frömel: A Retrospective is overdue, but the point is that it is happening and that it is well done – Seán Kissane is the curator – and is exactly the kind of exhibition the museum is intended for.

Irish Examiner – Tragic life reflected in impressive body of work
By Alan O’Riordan

As a first and last truly monumental work, it [‘Sails’] is poignant, hinting at what could have been achieved in a longer career; but it is also the summation of a remarkably broad talent, and of a major artist who deserves her place in the Irish canon.

Sunday Times A Woman of Some Importance (paywall)
By Cristín Leach Hughes

There is such an air of tragedy about the superb Gerda Frömel ­retrospective at the Irish Museum of ­Modern Art (Imma), it is tempting to get sidelined by the artist’s backstory, rather than step back and acknowledge, in the presence of her work, the measure of a genius we lost 40 years ago.