Patrick Hennessy

Additional Resources

In connection with the Hennessy exhibition, IMMA has produced a number of informative and supplementary publications, from the exhibition guide overview to the in-depth essays found in the Hennessy catalogue. Browse below to view some of these publications.

  • The Exhibition Guide (.pdf) helps directing visitors through the exhibition and Hennessy’s career, starting with his portraits and still-lifes in the 1940s and continuing through his later works. The guide also offers contextual information for the various exhibition rooms and information about IMMA’s talks and lectures related to Hennessy.
  • A fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the exhibition, with a text by Seán Kissane; a biography by Kevin A. Rutledge, and essays by James Hanley and Robert O’Byrne, available at the IMMA shop.
  • Read the official press release for Patrick Hennessy: De Profundis which highlights the importance of this first contemporary survey of Hennessy’s work.
  • Curator Seán Kissane’s talk on Patrick Hennessy on Soundcloud.
  • Watch curator Seán Kissane  introduce the exhibition in the video below.


Read more:
  • Noreen Giffney, The “q” Word , in Noreen Giffney and Michael O’Rourke (ed.) The Ashgate Research Companion to Queer Theory (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2009).